30 July 2011

How the colour blue makes me feel

I have just completed my first open university course on creative writing and one of our activity's was to write a piece on how the colour blue made us feel, mine is just a jumbled mass of incomplete thoughts that to many probably wont make any sense, but they are my thoughts from that given moment in time.

Blue is how you make me feel , tired and frustrated that you don't understand .I see the struggles you face each and every day. I know how hard you have to try just to keep up and to fit in  I was once that child to. I want to make it better. I want to find that little boy with  whom I never had to fight. I want whats best for you even when you say ,you've made it worse mum,  I hate u  . blue is how I feel at 2am and your still not asleep , your screaming and shouting banging at the walls just because  you can 'mum mum'  can I have, if u were tiny again I would have come and held  you tight, rocked you to sleep no matter what time of the night . Blue is the colour  that my son makes me feel  but  despite his mannerisms and terrible traits , he is mine .

blue makes me think of warm  summer skyies and the seaside.fine dry  golden sand that crawles  between  my toes ,sand  castles  i'd make with my little red  bucket and spade and when I started to tire, I'd take  nap whilst layin on my fathers back whilst my mother would sit quietly reading her latest book. I can hear the light sound of the ocean swaying in the background.The gentle sound of  water rushing  back and forth effortlessly to it's own soleful melody.  So calming and peacefull I could stay hear for ever, breathing in the cool salty air watching  seagulls fly up high and the odd fluffy cloude  that  passes by being carried on the cool breeze the that intangles is self in my hair .

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